Our Service Policy

“Canada for the worldfor our customers our best”

The TSI International Group vision statement above embodies our corporate focus on marketing Canada globally and providing superlative investment opportunities and the highest level of service to you, our client. Canada offers a safe and secure investment environment other countries simply cannot match: a stable, supportive government fuelling the engine for economic expansion in high-growth areas and supported by a robust banking system. This key driver allows TSI International Group to offer superior products and servicing to you in your pursuit of individual or institutional wealth.
Service is an integral element of our corporate DNA.
Here is what you can expect from TSI International Group in every aspect of our relationship:


From selecting our investment properties to securing the assets, and from the analysis and creation of the prospectus to the final settlement, our professionals bring a depth and wealth of knowledge of the highest quality in the land equity sector.


The people who manage TSI International Group were football teammates from an early age, so teamwork is as natural as breathing to us. We work as a single unit from the initial customer contact to the final back office settlement, because we’ve found that this seamless unity of purpose produces optimal results for our investors.


Your private data is safe with us. We observe the highest levels of privacy and security required by law—meeting the level of trust alpha investors expect in their financial transactions.


We believe that transparency is the key to a great investment relationship, and the TSI International Group team is always ready to respond to requests and questions you might have about your investment with us. We also issue timely and informative progress reports on the status of every investment in the pipeline, and you can access your account information online or contact our call center for updates and other details.