Due Dilligence

The rigorous and methodical approach we follow to create our products requires both time - years, in fact - and an extensive and diversified team operating behind the scenes. For example, we do a detailed analysis of prospective properties that covers numerous factors with the potential to create higher returns in the latter stages of development. Our team also carries out extensive studies on the area’s demographics, economic conditions, growth projections related to both population and business, as well as environmental impact and other factors. In short, we minimize the risk of land equity investment long before we offer the products to you.

Once we’ve identified a promising property, our board of directors makes the call on whether to invest based on quantifiable factors and risk analysis. If the decision is favourable, our legal and tax experts secure and securitize the property for client investment. Our financial analysts create a detailed prospectus that explains the life cycle of the investment and expected returns. An in-house creative team provides marketing support and collateral on all products.
The product is then offered via our sales channel throughout the globe via dedicated investment advisors. Once a transaction goes through, the order is settled via our automated back office system both in the country of origin and at our Canadian operations. All the necessary paperwork is filed and sent back to the counterparties.
TSI International’s dedicated team of designers, planners and architects step in to shepherd the property through its entire life cycle. They file studies and plans with the appropriate government authorities, leading to the final zoning clearance approval for the disposition of the assets to the final buyers. The proceeds of the sale are then distributed to all investors.