You are required to comply at all times with applicable local and international anti-bribery laws that dictate the conduct of TSI and its subsidiaries as well as other related local laws and regulations. Acceptable practices in the commercial business environment may be unacceptable when dealing with government officials, deemed public officials, or diet or local assembly members, and may even violate the law. You should be aware of these restrictions when dealing with government officials or those acting on the government’s behalf or performing certain public roles.

For example, you must not directly or even indirectly offer bribes, kickbacks, or other payments of cash, business amenities, or other things of value to anyone or any entity, including officials, employees, or representatives of any government, political parties, candidates for office, or public or international organization. This includes supplying money, business amenities or other things of value to any third party where there is reason to believe that it will be passed on to or have certain effect on anyone involved in the business decision process related in any way to products or services TSI provides for the purpose of influencing the decision.