Maple LEIT®

Maple LEIT® are hybrid products concepts that combine land equity with a high grade bond or other complementary financial component from one or more of the top rated financial institutions in the world. The blend is designed to provide—depending on how the LEIT® is structured—full or partial return of the initial investment at the end of term and a modest annual coupon, while providing investors an opportunity to participate in the unique upside potential of land development.

Investors can select the relative percentages of each component with the land equity portion ranging from a low of 10 percent to a high of 60 percent. The fund minimum investment is typically CAD $10 million. The fund minimum land equity portion is typically CAD $2.5 million.

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All funds are in Canadian dollars and currency figures are x $1,000. LEIT® is a registered trademark used under license by TSI International Group.

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