The LEIT® fund consists solely of land equity, sold in units on a syndication basis, providing the institutional investor an opportunity for aggressive capital growth over a targeted ten-year term. TSI secures pre-development land in strategic locations that offer the highest growth potential—ranging from industrial to residential to developments such as hospitals and homes for the aged—and manages the process from acquisition to final disposition. Proceeds are distributed to investors upon exit, which is targeted at 10 years.

Initial placements in the LEIT® fund will typically range from CAD $1 million to $5 million. The acreage of the property is divided into units, with a select number of units designated per acre. Investors will typically purchase a fixed number of units starting from the minimum offering units.


Components of this Fund

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All funds are in Canadian dollars and currency figures are x $1,000. LEIT® is a registered trademark used under license by TSI International Group.

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