Urban Renewal

Urban renewal is part of the Province of Ontario’s expansion plan for the Toronto region adopted in 2006—requiring municipalities to promote growth by first looking inward to already-urbanized areas. We primarily focus on projects designed to replenish and upgrade existing housing stock. 

  • Urban real estate redeveloped
  • Intensification targets mandated by provincial government legislation
  • Strategically selected growth areas
  • Returns payable annually and at the end of the term

Adhering to the same on the ground analysis we use to evaluate land equity investments, TSI seeks properties that are affordable and being rebuilt or enlarged to accommodate new families and/or younger owners in strategic locations that offer the greatest potential for generating returns through renewal.

 “By the year 2015 and for each year thereafter, a minimum of 40% of all residential development occurring annually within each upper– and single-tier municipality will be within the built-up area.”- Ontario Government; policy, Places to Grow Act 2005, Province of Ontario*

Governmental policy is subject to change and, even if favorable, does not guarantee the success of any urban renewal project. Economic and other relevant conditions or trends are not assured, and there is no guarantee or assurance that properties will be able to be sold at favourable times or at favorable prices.  The relevant scope and depth of analysis and planning by or involvement of TSI and third parties in individual projects may vary by project and there is no guarantee of success of analysis, acquisition, redevelopment or disposition.  If a redevelopment or disposition is not successful, return on an investment may be materially lower than the originally invested amount.