Authorized TSI Agent Benefit

Whether you’re a global financial firm, independent wealth advisor or other external equity manager, having a strong, responsive partner that knows the territory boosts your ability to gain and retain clients in today’s hypercompetitive markets.

As an authorized TSI agent, you will have the advice and support of a specialized investment services company and access to our global infrastructure. We know the extensive administrative attention that major long-term investments demand of you, and our specialized services are designed to make handling these investments straightforward and intuitive.

TSI’s infrastructure and its partnerships with financial institutions in the most strategic fiscal centers of the world, allow you to cater to client needs in a timely and effective manner, and help you boost your potential and success as an authorized TSI agent.

TSI can offer, depending on the legal requirements of the jurisdiction, the following services to our authorized agents via our professional specialist teams and a dedicated agent portal:

  • Marketing support in the form of property tours, client workshops, print and online media and more
  • Access to a knowledge base on the investment products TSI offers
  • Claim/case management to deal with specific questions and requests from customers in a timely and professional manner
  • Electronic document processing and customer-specific reporting so you can easily track your client’s investments

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